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Everybody is happy with this cake!

vai subito agli ingredienti

That’s right, this recipe unites really everyone! The mothers that are always afraid that something is too difficult, their children that are always in search of something delicious to eat, the small sons and daughters happy and glad and the bigger ones that can hardly talk (but they are very good in eating), the grandparents that remember the past times when food was very simple but really very good and the aunts that for once are willing to make an exception to the diet.

This cake is really fantastic!! It is also very easy and fast to cook (a lot of witnesses here, that have seen me a lot of times face to face with this cake, can prove it). It can be prepared and offered in less than 40 minutes since the first mixed of sugar and flour.

This cake is fragrant, generous, it releases, since the first bite, the flavors and the tastes of its ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, flour and… chocolate cream. We all deserve it, so don’t hesitate, you can even involve your children in its preparation, they will enjoy mixing the ingredients, tasting the dough, licking their fingers covered of chocolate (that can be replaced with jam, ricotta, cinnamon or fruit if you want), sprinkling the surface of the cake with almonds or hazelnuts that make the cake so crunchy. I’ve taken this recipe from Antonella of “Croce e Delizia”, this girl is really good, I’ve only reduced the amount of sugar and of butter to make it less harmful for us. I think that this recipe is ideal for breakfast or as a snack. You’ll find you’re self always with bowl and whisk in your hands, just like me… it’s so easy!!

Everybody is happy with this cake!

30 minuti


  • 200 grams of flour
  • 150 g of butter
  • 180 g of sugar
  • 2 complete eggs and a yolk
  • rind of one bio lemon
  • a spoonful of baking
  • hazelnut cream
  • 2 spoonfuls of toasted almonds or hazelnuts


  • Mix in a bowl all the sugar and the butter, add severally egg by egg, and then, in the end, add the sifted flour, the baking and the lemon.
  • Get a mould for cakes of the diameter of 22 cm and cover it with butter, after this full it with half of the dough using a spoon, put chocolate cream in desired amount to form a smooth (and rich) layer and cover with the remaining mixture by irregular spoonfuls.
  • Cover with the toasted almonds or hazelnuts and bake it for 30 minutes at the approximate temperature of 180°C.
  • Serve both warm and cold.
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Mi chiamo Natalia Cattelani, sono nata a Sassuolo (Mo), vivo a Roma dal 1990, da quando mi sono sposata. La passione per la cucina ce l’ho da sempre. Cucino con garbo, sperimento, metto insieme, do da mangiare alle figlie (Silvia, Chiara, Laura ed Elisa), al marito cresciuto con l’ottima cucina calabrese della madre, ai parenti di Sassuolo, agli amici di Roma, alle feste che ho organizzato per altri, conoscenti e figli di conoscenti, per battesimi, compleanni, campi scout, i bambini della casa famiglia San Giuseppe, amici di San Nicola, allieve della scuola di Roma.

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